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What neighborhood revitalization looks like in two communities

With a focus on lifting up and bringing lasting change to communities, Habitat works with local partners to implement solutions as unique as the neighborhoods themselves. Take a closer look at efforts underway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Muncie, Indiana — and two residents who have made the cause their own.

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‘Chopped’ winner Chef Ro holds a special spot for Habitat

All Habitat kitchens in the U.S. and Canada for the past 20 years have been outfitted with a Whirlpool refrigerator and range thanks to the Whirlpool Corporation. It was in her mother’s kitchen, on those appliances, where Chef Ro taught herself basics of cooking and changed the trajectory of her life.

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Providing security for generations to come

Habitat Zambia builds home with member of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, people with disabilities, orphans and households headed up children. Lucy began raising her two younger brothers when she was in the seventh grade. Today, her family thrives in a Habitat house.

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